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Archive for May, 2014

Firm fined £10,000 for reckless ladder work

May 29 2014

A foolhardy roofer has appeared in court after footing a double extension ladder on a transit van in order to access a third floor façade….

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Law Society urges homebuyers to ring fence their deposit

May 28 2014

Couples wishing to buy a house together risk losing their investment if they don’t take legal advice first….

Employment tribunal

Restaurant apologises for employment law breach in job advert

May 21 2014

Owners of a city centre Korean restaurant have apologised after advertising a job asking only young women to work for them….

Employment tribunal

Top judges blame legal aid cuts for surge in unrepresented claims

May 20 2014

The country’s top judges have blamed a rise in unrepresented claimants and additional litigation fees on cuts in legal aid….

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Hillsborough disaster ambulance worker calls for help with legal fees

May 19 2014

An ambulance worker who attended the Hillsborough disaster has called on the home secretary to give him full legal representation when he gives evidence….