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Claim for holiday and delayed flight compensation with PM Law

June 27 2014

No one wants to have any delays or disruptions to their holiday, but if you do PM Law solicitors in Sheffield can assist with compensation claims….


Catering suppliers fined £7,500 after gas explosion

June 26 2014

A catering supply company has been fined £7,500 after three people were seriously injured in a gas explosion in a hotel kitchen in Aberdeenshire….

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Scrap metal firm and businessman fined £70,000 after worker loses both legs

June 25 2014

A scrap metal company and a businessman have been fined £70,000 after a site worker lost both legs as the doors of a 16-tonne baling machine closed on him….


Recycling firm fined £28,000 over worker’s arm injury

June 23 2014

A waste and recycling company has been fined £28,000 after a worker suffered crush injuries when his arm was caught in an unguarded moving conveyor belt at a site in Essex….

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Employment disputes cost universities £19m over four years

June 19 2014

Seventy universities across the UK have spent almost £19m over four years on settling employment disputes….